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Owning a Kia car means enjoying precise engineering that’s built to last. When it is time for your routine maintenance and service tasks around Omaha, NE and Bellevue, NE, however, it’s crucial that you take home OEM car parts designed for your Kia vehicle. Why? Opting for only genuine Kia OEM parts from Kia ensures that you enjoy the best performance and a precise fit. Not only can you get your Kia OEM car parts, but you can take advantage of service specials and have them installed by our expert service team! Read on to discover more about why Kia OEM parts are so crucial for your car’s well-being and your safety!

Why Genuine Kia OEM Parts?

What are OEM car parts and why are they so much better than the alternative? OEM, or “original equipment manufacturer,” are parts that your automotive manufacturer designed especially for your make and model car. That means you can take home parts identical to the ones that came off the assembly line as your car was being developed, ensuring top quality and fit.

The alternative to OEM parts are aftermarket parts, which may be cheaper but also tend to be cheaper quality, where designed to fit several makes and models (leading to an imperfect fit), and could lead to decreased vehicle quality. When considering the differences between OEM car parts and aftermarket parts, it isn’t difficult to understand why OEM parts are superior. However, where can you get these high-quality, best-fit parts? Here at Edwards Kia service center, we can handle all of your Kia OEM parts needs-from cosmetic enhancements to windshield wipers to headlights. It’s as simple as giving us a call!

Your Source for Kia OEM Parts!

Now that you’ve learned the difference between OEM car parts and aftermarket parts, and why it’s crucial to opt for the parts designed for your vehicle, it’s time to take advantage of our state-of-the-art parts department for your next DIY project. Not quite ready to take on your next maintenance or repair task all on your own? Schedule service today to enjoy the best of our innovative service and parts departments. Contact us today to learn more!

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