Value Your Trade


Value Your Trade at Edwards Kia

What is your trade-in worth? Valuing your vehicle and learning how to trade in a vehicle at Edwards Kia doesn’t have to be difficult! All you need to do is know your vehicle’s make, trim level, options, and condition. We then can cross-reference the information you provide with the latest consumer data and then see if we have any vehicles in our lot that will match your needs. Learn more about why you should sell to a dealership with us at Edwards Kia near Omaha, NE, and learn how to sell a car with our finance center today.

Why Trade In a Vehicle At Our Dealership?

We can take your used vehicle off your hands so that you can find a new vehicle that works for you in the Omaha, NE area. When shopping with us at Edwards Kia, you can avoid multiple hassles such as inaccurate marketing, hassling dealers, and juiced-up prices. When shopping at our dealership in Council Bluffs, you’ll enjoy fair prices, a full history of the vehicle, all of the necessary paperwork, and competitive same-day sales for your car.

How to Sell Your Car

Here is the process of selling a vehicle with us at Edwards Kia near La Vista, NE:

  • Prepare your vehicle: If you are selling an older car, you can sell it as it is. However, if you sell a new vehicle, be sure to clean up the cosmetic issues to get a better price.
  • Negotiate a price: Once you decide how you’ll sell your car, we will inspect your vehicle to see what price would be appropriate for the vehicle depending on the conditions.
  • Complete the paperwork: Once you’ve agreed to a purchase point, be sure to complete the paperwork onsite.

Visit Us At Edwards Kia

Now that you understand the process of selling your vehicle with us at Edwards Kia, you can utilize our online tools such as our payment calculator and finance application.