Shop and Compare (We did!)


Services Edwards Service Omaha Dealer Jiffy Lube Walmart Firestone Jensen Services Brakes Plus
Oil and Filter Change $49.95 $50.95 $106.99 $52.88 $61.63 $90.00 $69.95
Alignment Inspection Free $99.95 No Alignments No Alignments $96.95 $104.00 $87.00
Battery Charging/Test Free Free Free No Free $65.00 Free
Multi Point Inspections Free Free Free No $9.99 Free Free
Recall Inspections Free Free No No No No No
Rotate & Balance Tires $49.95 $24.95 (Rotate Only) $29.99 (Rotate Only) $10.00 (Rotate) $14.00 (Balance) $9.99 (Rotate) $61.31 (Balance) $78.00 $9.99 (Rotate Only)
Coolant Flush $159.95 $150.00 $169.00 No $155.96 $152.69 $99.99
Transmission Service $199.95 (CVT) $329.00 $106.00 No No $280 No
Injection Clean $149.95 $199.95 No No $155.98 $186 $99.99
Transportation Options Shuttle/Loaners Uber/Shuttle/Loaners No No No No No
Wash and Vacuum Free Free Free No No No No
Survey Date 2/2/22 2/2/22 2/2/22 2/2/22 2/2/22 2/2/22 2/2/22

Service Shop and Compare Tool

Fixing up your vehicle does not have to be an incredibly stressful and belabored experience, nor does it have to completely decimate your bank account. If you are looking for Kia car maintenance but would prefer to skip the unnecessary upselling and premiums, then you should visit us at Edwards Kia near Omaha, NE for the best experience. We believe that Kia drivers deserve a certain level of transparency when it comes to servicing their vehicle, which is why we have a shop and compare tool.  If you would like to know the answer to questions such as “how much is an oil change?” or “how do you change a tire?” then you can check out our service tip hub for more information.

Advantages of Going with Our Service Center

What would be the benefits of choosing our service center, especially in the highly competitive Bellevue, NE area? Here are the top reasons to come into Council Bluffs to get service complete with us at Edwards Kia:

  • We offer a wider range of services than the typical auto shop. For example, we are able to complete alignment inspections and recall checks that other auto shops simply are incapable of doing.
  • When it comes to alternative transportation, you might have to wait until your vehicle is finished when you get service somewhere else. However, we at Edwards Kia can help you get access to loaners or shuttles.
  • We also offer free washes and vacuum services to save you a trip to the car wash.

It is through these services and more that we hope to show you that we go above and beyond when it comes to your service needs in La Vista, NE. Maintaining your vehicle no longer has to be a headache, so whenever you are ready, feel free to check out our online service scheduler to get the process started.