How Do You Change a Car Tire?

2019 Kia Stinger Tire

You never know when you may end up stranded with a flat tire or worn-out treads on Omaha, NE or Bellevue, NE roads, so it is imperative that you know how to change a tire. How do you change a tire? Learn more with Edwards Kia the six steps to changing your tires to save you from waiting on the side of the road in La Vista, NE. Learn more about the process with us below.

Changing Your Kia Tires

If you are looking to change your tires on Omaha, NE, you will need a jack, lug wrench, spare or new tires, and an owner’s manual. Once you’ve got those prepared, replacing a tire is a relatively easy and simple process:

  1. Move to a safe side of a La Vista, NE road and turn on your hazard lights.
  2. Apply the parking brake and wheel wedges under the under tires.
  3. Remove the hubcap or the wheel cover from your tire, and then loosen the lug nuts.
  4. Use the jack to remove the lug nuts and raise your vehicle.
  5. Remove the tire from the vehicle and mount the spare or new vehicle.
  6. Tighten the lug nuts onto the tire, and then lower your vehicle back to its original position.

How Often Should You Change Car Tires on Omaha, NE Roads?

The frequency you change your tires depends on how often you rotate your tires and how well they are maintained. If you rotate your tires regularly, you should get the full mileage for your Omaha, NE treks. However, it is a good idea to check your tire pressure and tire tread often just in case. If your tire wears down quickly, you may need a tire replacement. Schedule a tire rotation with our Bellevue, NE service center.

How to Put Air in Your Tires

Wondering how you can put air in your tires? You can typically stop by a gas station if you do not have an air pump on La Vista, NE roads. Here is how to put air in your tires:

  • Park your vehicle in a place where the air hose can reach each tire.
  • Make sure to check your air pressure by using a tire gauge. This can be done at home, and is important because tires can heat up and expand. 
  • Fill your tires with the air hose through small bursts, checking the tire gauge each time.

Remember to check the tire pressure gauge until you reach the right pressure amount. Then you should be good to head out on Omaha, NE adventures!

Visit Edwards Kia for any of your Tire Needs

If you don’t feel comfortable changing your tires on your own, you can contact us today for any questions or concerns about your vehicle. Bring your vehicle into our service department near Bellevue, NE, and we can change or rotate your tires no problem.

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