Kia Key Fob Tricks

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When you drive a Kia in Omaha, NE, you’ve got lots of advanced technology at your fingertips, not least among them being your Kia key fob. There are some Kia key fob tricks that’ll benefit you to know. We’re about to show you how to open the Kia key fob, the Kia key fob programming, and some other great tips. While you’re here, be sure to take a look at why Edwards Kia is different.


When you’ve got your car parked in Bellevue, NE and need to keep it safe, there’s a few ways the lock button on your Kia key fob can work:

  • By pressing the button once, you lock all the doors.
  • By pressing the button twice within two seconds, you can set the vehicle’s alarm system, which will be confirmed by a honk of the horn.


When it’s time to bring your car back into commission, you’ve got the unlock button. The Kia key fob programming allows you to operate the unlock button in these two ways:

  • When you press the unlock button once, you’re going to unlock the driver’s side door.
  • When you press the unlock button twice within two seconds, all doors will be unlocked so you, your friends, and your cargo can all get loaded up.


Each Kia model is specially designed to give you the most ample access to cargo space, meaning you can bring out every cubic inch of your Kia to its full potential. You can easily access your trunk for the most convenient storage by operating your Kia key fob like this:

  • With a manual trunk or liftgate. A one second or longer hold on your trunk/liftgate button will unlock the trunk, meaning you can manually open the trunk or liftgate.
  • On vehicles that have a power trunk or liftgate, press or hold the button to automatically open the trunk or liftgate for easy access to your cargo space. Press it once more to stop the trunk or liftgate.

Panic Alarm

In those sticky situations in La Vista, NE, you might need to use the panic button. Here’s what you do:

  • Press and hold the panic button for ½ second or more to set the panic alarm off.
  • Press and hold the button again to turn the alarm back off.

Hands-Free Lock/Unlock

When you’re close to your door, you can use your Kia key fob to get in your car without needing to take it out of your pocket. Just put your thumb on the handle to get in your Kia with a whole new level of convenience.

What If Your Key Fob Battery Is Low?

The Kia key fob battery replacement is a simple process. You can always use the mechanical key that folds out from the key fob, but if it’s time for a replacement, have a chat with our parts people. If you’re asking, “Do Kia keys have chips?”, you’ll want to know that the answer is yes, and that’s why we’re your people to provide genuine OEM parts to replace them.

If you’re wondering how to open your Kia key fob, it’s as simple as using a flathead screwdriver to pop open the Kia key fob’s internals. This makes changing your Kia key fob battery easy.

Edwards Kia Will Get You Driving

In La Vista, NE, you can trust in Edwards Kia to help you through the process of buying your car. If you’ve got a question about your Kia key fob or some other Kia part, our people most likely have the answer to it because we’re Kia certified. Contact us and we’ll help you through things.

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